How to setup Hotmail account on Android?


Setting up Hotmail account on Android is not a herculean task and everybody can do it provided he uses the right procedure to make this happen. If you are the one who is muddled up as to how to setup Hotmail account on Android, then take help from the following steps:-

  • First open the app named Settings on the Android device
  • Now tap on Accounts and then on Add account
  • After that tap on Exchange
  • type your email id and then tap on Next
  • Now type the password and then tap on Next
  • Next tap on Next on the screen Account Options
  • Now type the account name and then you need to tap on Next

Voila !! you have done that easily with the help of the above mentioned steps

How to setup Hotmail account on iPhone? 

If you are the one who is having confusions in figuring out the right way as to to how to setup Hotmail account on Iphone, then you are supposed to perform the following procedure to do so:-

  • First go to Settings and then on Mail > Accounts > Add Account
  • Now choose
  • when you will choose Outlook, then you will see a login page on the screen
  • Now type your email id and then tap on Next
  • after that type the Hotmail password and then tap on Sign In
  • Now you are supposed to tap on Yes for the confirmation you need to provide permission to the IOS device for accessing your data
  • Next you can choose which Hotmail data you need to access on your iPhone. You can select contacts, calendars, email with Hotmail. After selecting them tap on Save
  • After doing that you are supposed to go to iPhone’s mail application

Well, you have done it easily through the steps given above.

How to setup Hotmail account on Mac? 

Many users have difficulties in figuring out as to how to setup Hotmail account on Mac. Here is the right procedure to do it easily:-

  • First of all launch Mac mail and then click Preferences
  • Now choose Add Account and then click on Continue
  • Next choose Hotmail and then you need to enter your full name, email id an password in the specific fields
  • now click Create button
  • Next you are supposed to choose the account type and select IMAP option under the head Account Type
  • Type the description for your Hotmail account
  • Now fill in the incoming mail server information below:-

                   incoming mail server:-

                   Username:your Hotmail email address

                   password:Your Hotmail password

  • Now click on Continue button
  • After that fill in outgoing server information below:-

                   Outgoing server:

                   Username: Your Hotmail email address

                   Password: Your Hotmail Password

                   Now ensure to check Use Authentication

  • After that click on the button named Continue
  • Now click Create button

so, you have successfully set up your Hotmail account with the help of the above steps. However if still you are not aware of these steps, then call a Hotmail technical support technician right-away.