How the Users Could Forward All Hotmail Emails to Gmail through the Assistance of the Technical Team

Gmail account holders always feel amusing and pleasant while accessing the Gmail account because it contains number of preferable features that may be difficult to found in other mail applications. Through accessing Hotmail individuals could perform number of tasks at one time that might be difficult to do in other mail applications. But at number of occasions users may face the mail account blockades problems including the others.

For the situations users may come under the influence of the technical difficulties along with the other Hotmail account problem, for that users should do the instant connection through the Hotmail support team that works through day and night for giving the best solutions followed through accuracy. Technical difficulties may disturbs the users because of the irregularity in the work.The support team first analyse the problem and then try to solve the issue as soon as possible.

Users should now take a look over forwarding the Hotmail emails to Gmail through the assistance of the technical team?

  • First the users are suppose go over the "Settings" icon.
  • Moreover users need to strike for the "Options and then users are suppose to choose "Forward your email" from the list of "Shortcuts" that is displayed.
  • Furthermore users need to enter the email address in the option for "Forward my email to" text box.
  • Users may now check the option for "Keep a copy of forwarded messages in Hotmail Web App" for the situations users wants to create duplicate messages for both the mail accounts.
  • Added to that users need to choose the button for "Save" for sending the future emails.
  • The process for forwarding Hotmail emails to Gmail has now got complete

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