How to configure iPhone to call from Mac?

iPhone allows its users to make or receive calls on their Mac. While doing this, the caller or receiver doesn’t even realize that you are not chatting with them on your handset. This is also ideal for you if you are intended to make quick calls to your family and friends. Do you have iOS 8 or any further version on your iPhone? Follow the below-listed steps if you have the right software and you have logged in both Mac and iPhone and onto the same Wi-Fi network.

  • Open the HOME screen of your iPhone
  • Select the iPhone option
  • Now you are supposed to choose the devices that you can allow calls on
  • Open FACETIME on your Mac computer
  • Choose PREFERENCES and make sure that the option CALLS FROM IPHONE is selected
  • Use any contact to make a call
  • Now you are open to making the call from SPOTLIGHT or by using FaceTime

No problem if you want to place a call from Safari! If there is a number the Internet, you can easily place a call to it. Just click on it for making your call. Nevertheless, a call can also be made by the use of Mail and Maps and Messages if you know how to configure iPhone to call from Mac.

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