How to configure Hotmail account in Outlook?

Hotmail email account is one of the best in terms of managing email services. It is quite smooth for sharing emails to the clients within a second and even allows users to exchange the quick messages to them within a while. Although Hotmail account has been commuted to the Outlook, yet someone can access his Hotmail account into the Outlook sign page.

Additionally, there are a variety of version of Outlook email account which let a user know how to configure Hotmail in Outlook email account. It is a best and unique method to store the multiple emails, contacts, and calendar in the Outlook email account that allow user to share and check multiple information within an email account for which he does not need to sign in multiple email account. So Let`s know how it works for an individual in a great manner.

Get solution on how to configure Hotmail in Outlook 2007: 

  • Open Windows PC and then click the start < all program< accessories< Outlook 2007.
  • Click to open and then go to the manual option and then click the add other email address.
  • Enter the name and Hotmail email address and then type the password and click the next button.
  • Go to the mail server and choose the IMAP or POP mail to sever and then click the add button tab.
  • Select the SMTP mail server and click the add button and then tap the next button.
  • Leave the Require logon using Secure Password Authentication (SPA) checkbox unchecked.
  • Click the more settings and test the account settings and then, click the next settings click the finish.


Get solution on how to configure Hotmail in Outlook 2013: 

  • Go to the start button of the Windows PC and then select the All program< accessories< Outlook 2013.
  • Select the Manual setup then click the next.
  • Click the POP or IMAP mail server and click the next button.
  • Enter the name and the type the email address and password.
  • Click the account type POP3 and enter than an email address for incoming mail server.
  • Select the SMTP mail server and then enter the email address for an Outgoing mail server.
  • Click on the more settings and click the test account settings.
  • Click the next and then click the finish button eventually.


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