Hotmail is a free web-based email service that is used by many users. It has been very popular for its wonderful customer services that are provided to the users. This is the reason that it has become an integral part of the business as well as of personal life. When we talk about emails, it has become strong and medium to build the connection. Certain issues crop up without any notice. These issues irritate the users as it hampers their entire communication with the clients.

For these problems, Hotmail help comes in the picture. The user when facing the issues can call the toll-free number and get the assistance. troubleshooting

Issues can arise at any time so for this, the users have an option to go for troubleshooting. The steps that can be taken at the time of issues are:

  • The first step is to go live at Hotmail and secure the Hotmail login page.
  • You can clear the caches of your web browser.
  • Ensure that the cookies are enabled. You can erase the cookies.
  • You can also update the Adobe Flash Player on your system.
  • Refresh the page and once you are logged in to the blank page, press the control key and refresh by pressing F5 on your keyboard.
  • If you use internet explorer, then you can try some other browser, download, and set up some other browser to access Hotmail.
  • Ensure that your anti-virus program is updated.
  • Update and promote your anti-spyware software.
  • You can also reset your internet browser and privacy configuration to the defaults.
  • In case you use an IE browser, you can download and reinstall the newest version of the internet explorer program. Once you have upgraded or reinstalled IE, you can try Hotmail and find out if you can log in.
  • Sometimes, Hotmail is the only issue. You can now wait for an hour and attempt to log in again by directing to Hotmail.
  • You can also try to reboot your PC.

If the user still faces the issue, s/he can contact the Hotmail help center. There are reasons why people run for customer care. They are available round the clock via phone, emails, and live chats. Also, another benefit is that the experienced and technically sound professionals are at your service.

They are always at your service and are ready to cater to your needs without wasting time. The users get immediate support for urgent issues and also offer chat assistance. So, the user can call the Hotmail help number for assistance.


rodney garner 2020-04-29 10:27:56

i can not reset my password to get into my e-mail.

Rana El Charif 2020-04-29 04:40:16

It is very urgent To whom it may concern, Hope everything is well. I created this account around May 2019 . My username was “Rana Charif” or “Rana el Charif”. My date of birth is 23 February 1982. I think these were the recovery options alternatively: Email address: Mobile number: +96176904146. My account was locked because there was a problem with the phone code. I did contact one female staff to help me unlock my mail account ( I managed to unlock my account with the help of the female staff. I closed the mail account ( soon after. Can you remind me of which exact date this email account ( was closed? Note: • Send me an email address so I attach my passport for verification purposes. • Current mobile number: + 96181786371 Best Regards, Rana El Charif --

Kate Whyte 2020-11-03 03:13:36

I have tried getting into my Hotmail account and getting an error about IMAP serve not responding. I have also tried to recovery my account as I forgot my password and was told it cannot be recovered

Petr 2021-09-30 03:42:43

hello after new ios15 a was to fill again password to hotmail account..after was that to secure i must to send for code from email adress.But i have two this hotmails same and how i write this code when this is each other adress?for info thanks

Zeenath Ali 2023-04-29 03:30:26

I lost my Hotmail password

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