How to Recover Windows 10 Password

Are you a regular user of Windows 10 password? Are you striving to recover the password as you forgot and unable to sign in your Windows 10 PC? You please don’t worry! As we are here to help you, but before that, we would like to guide you something important tips on how you can recover the password of Windows 10 by using different methods. I mean to say that there are plenty of methods to recover the password of Windows 10 without doing much effort and you can access your Windows device easily.

So first let’s have guidance on how to recover Windows 10 password without using a flash drive, CD or software.

  • To recover the password, you are first to check out your Windows 10 device is presenting the option for the command prompt.
  • Go to the start button and then click on the CMD button a Black window will be on your screen.
  • Click on the run administrator and then type the next user _ name new password to reset.
  • Command Net User John pwd123 and then set password PWC 123 for an account.
  • Finally, you will see the result your password will be changed.

How to recover Windows 10 password without disk

  • Go to the start and then click on the control panel and then select my computer or user account.
  • Click on the account button and then click on the new password option.
  • A verification code will be there to enter it into the relevant field.
  • Now enter the new password into the both new or confirm password at the end of the process.

How to recover Windows 10 password without software

  • If trying to reset the password software then go to the Windows password reset disk.
  • Reset disk is an important tool that does not count in the third party software it works directly to perform the task.
  • Plug password reset disk, generally a USB disk, into your locked Windows10 computer.
  • Go to the Windows login screen and then type the wrong admin password and then press enter button.
  • Click to open the password reset wizard and then click on the next button.
  • And then next wizard allows entering the correct password into both passwords filed.
  • Having done the task click on the finish button at end of the procedure.

All above-mentioned methods will help you to recover the Windows 10 password without using CD, pen drive or third-party software too.

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