If you are facing some issue while using Hotmail services and wondering about how to get in touch with their customer support team then you are welcome here. You can contact Hotmail customer support through various ways and get your query solved by their technical support team who are expert in their field. Further the ways to contact Hotmail customer support are given below.

Hotmail customer support help page

Hotmail help page is one of the ways to contact their customer support. Hotmail help pages are the source of online self-service to get the answers for your query. You can also send your query by filling up Hotmail contact forms and wait for the response. Follow the steps given below to fill contact form on Hotmail help page:

  • Login to your Hotmail from the home page
  • Click Help section available on the upper side right corner of Hotmail
  • Then  tap View other Help suggestions or contact use under the Help section
  • Then choose other-Contact MSN Hotmail from the list
  • Now fill the Contact Form by providing the details of your issue

Hotmail support forums

Hotmail also provide customer support forums where you can get help about your issue. It is a kind of peer to peer help as each of your queries is replied by another Hotmail user in the forum. You can go to the forums and search for the answers to your query or write down your query and wait till someone replies to the query you have asked.

This is how you can get help from Hotmail customer support by asking your queries through any of the above mentioned way. Hotmail customer care services are excellent and their customer support team always tries their best to provide proper support to the customers. Hotmail always gives priority to its customers and provide best customer support to satisfy them.

Common issues and solutions of Hotmail

Sometimes Hotmail does not let the user send emails.

It may be possible the Hotmail is trying to fight spammers otherwise there could be excessive limit of sending mails. To resolve this problem users can increase their limit by verifying your account and adding a contact number.

Problem in receiving an email someone sent you.

In such cases user should check their junk folder and if they do not find there then we will suggest users to check your filtering and sorting options. A very common method you can adapt in order to vanish such problem is just add the person who send you messages into contact list.

Most of the time we see the messages are too large:

This technical glitch occur when the file you wish to attach is crossing the outlook limit. Somehow if you can not split the messages in multiple one then use OneDrive given free and send a link to the file itself.

Forgot password glitches:

The most commonly asked solution for recovery of account password is used to be seen by users. People can got to the direct recovery link in order to get rid out of that. There you only need to answers few security questions and re-enter the password. In this method you will get a confirmation code into your mobile phone which need to be entered into the page of recovery. By final submission you will be able to access your account once again.


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