Hotmail Password Reset & Recovery

Being the oldest mass email service in Internet and one of the most popular email service providers known to the World, Hotmail has always remained favorite choice to general people over the decades. People use their Hotmail both at personal and professional levels. They prefer Hotmail because its easiness, reliability and user-friendly application. Hence, users never hesitate to use Hotmail to communicate with others at offices or at homes. Such a popular email service sometimes goes errant due to technical issues or users mistakes. Customer support service helps Hotmail users to overcome such issues so that they can use their most preferred service uninterrupted.

Get help from customer support team to reset your Hotmail Password

Among wide array of difficulties that the Hotmail users face, forgot password is the most common one. People often forget their passwords and call at Hotmail password reset phone number to reset their password afresh. Hotmail users want to reset their passwords due to three primary reasons:

  • They forget the Passwords while using the Hotmail service after a long time.
  • Confusing passwords which they unable to remember completely.
  • They want to change the passwords as a security measure.

Hotmail users can seek help of highly proficient Hotmail tech support staffs to reset password at anytime. The process of Hotmail password reset is enumerated below stepwise:

Step 1: Hotmail has changed its name to, but the hotmail users can use their email Id in the outlook page as per the terms and conditions set by Microsoft.

Step 2: There is a link just below saying "can't access your account?" which is to be clicked, and the "forgot my password" option is to be selected.

Step 3: The user now needs to open the page and type their hotmail email Id.

Step 4: Hotmail then asks to verify the user identity. There are four methods of verifying the user identity-

  • Email: If the user had previously set a secondary email Id while opening the hotmail account or later, then he can get the recovery verification code there.
  • Text: If the user had previously associated a mobile number with the hotmail account, then he can chose to get the recovery code by sms.
  • Using the app: Who have previously used the mobile app of hotmail can use the app to get the unique verification code there.
  • Other situations: In other situations when all the above mentioned options are not usable, hotmail asks for security questionnaire to very a user's identity.

Step 5: Once any of the first three steps are chosen a verification code will be generated to put in the box as will appear in the computer screen.

Step 6: After verifying the code, the system administrator will redirect the page towards resetting password box, where the account holder can reset a new password to start login with the new password.

Hotmail Password Reset Phone Number

The entire matter gets a bit tougher when the other verification option is chosen, i.e. when previously linked options like email, mobile or app are not available. In such situations, system administrator will ask for a number of information like name, date of birth, any previous password etc. for the Hotmail password reset authentication.

Hotmail password reset phone number can be trusted with all the information and they are bound professionally and ethically to keep these customers' data secret. Hotmail user can contact the experienced customer care team to get proper guidance to accomplish the above mentioned process stepwise.

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