How to delete Hotmail Account?


Hotmail Account Hotmail is a web portal brought by the Microsoft company. It was the first ever company to provide the email services to the users. This service is accepted worldwide in about all countries and also in about 40 languages. It came in light in just few years and later replaced by the Outlook mail by the Microsoft. It is also one of the free mail service among Gmail and Ymail.


Following some steps to delete Hotmail account:-


Sign in to your Hotmail account either by smart phone or windows.

From your inbox, go to options and then to more options.

Now from the dialogue box, click on the ‘Managing your accounts’ .

Go to first option, account details, and fill your username and password in the required field.

By looking down from given options, click the ‘Close your account’ option.

It will redirect to some page and ask you few question regarding closing the account.

Answer those question according to your need and then it will ask that when you will login.

Mention the date if so, or select none.

A dialogue box will appear that show you can login within 270 days if wanted to do so.

Now, press on ‘Close account’ and finally your account has been deleted permanently.


How to delete Hotmail account from iPhone ?

Go to Hotmail account login page.

Enter your email ID and password and press login.

From settings, switch to ‘account settings’.

Click on the ‘Close account’ option show down below on page.

It will ask you to make sure, you just follow the stes by clicking on next.

Now, click on ‘Make account for closure’ and press ok.

Redirected to final submission, if sure then click on ‘Done’ option.


How to delete Hotmail account from android ?

Login to your respective account from your android phone.

Go to the settings option, there and then.

From settings , go to account settings.

Now select the Advanced account setting option from there.

From given options click on the ‘Remove account’.

It will ask you to confirm the request.

Confirm thee request and click on the ‘OK’ button.

By following the above processes one will be able to delete its account permanently from there smart phones or the system.